Tung Jung Association of NZ Inc.

Established 1926

新 西 蘭 東 增 會 館


Chan Yin/Chan Check Yin

Chan Yin was born in Ha Gee village in 1870, arrived in Wellington in 1896, and was naturalised in 1905.

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Bickleen Wang

Bickleen Ng was the first Chinese woman to get a post-graduate degree in New Zealand, obtaining an MA in Education for her 1955 study of the assimilation of Chinese in New Zealand.

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George Chew Lee/Chan Chew Joong

Born in Tarp Gwong village in 1877.

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Chan Hock-joe/Joe Ah Chan and Yip Kue-sum

Chan Hock-joe (known in New Zealand as Joe Ah Chan) was born in Ha Gee village in 1882 and arrived in New Zealand around 1905.

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Wong Sik She

Wong Sik She was born in 1863 in Gwa Leng village.

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William 'Bill' Wong

Bill Wong's father Wong Cho Ling was born in Sha Tau village in 1871 and came to New Zealand in 1894.

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William & Wallingford Chan

William Yau-kum Chan was born in 1870 in Sun Gai village.

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George Gee/Luey

George Gee was born in Palmerston North in 1921, the son of Louis Choi Gee, a Bark Shek man who was born in 1881 and had emigrated to New Zealand in 1906, and Wong Wing-ling.

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Chun Dun/Chan Tsaan Tang

Chan Dun was born in 1860 in Sha Chuen village and arrived in Otago in 1872.

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Chan Dar-chee/Ah Chee

Born Tarp Gwong village in 1851.

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Louis Tung Kitt

Born in Bark Shek in 1869.

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William Wong Tong/Wong Tong Fat

Born in Gwa Leng village in 1865, Wong Tong Fat arrived in Wellington in 1893 and opened a fruitshop in Cuba Street.

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